Picture of Dion Stewart
Dion Stewart is a coach, teacher, developer, and speaker. He helps organizations improve product discovery and engineering practices while implementing just enough process to deliver high-quality products to market quickly.

Dion has worked with well-known brands including Thomson Reuters, GE, Wells Fargo, Target, Interactive Intelligence, Pearson, Digital River, Siemens, Lifetouch, and many others. He’s spoken at QCon (San Francisco and New York), Agile Day (Twin Cities, Chicago, and Atlanta), and Agile Indy. He’s speaking at Agile Dev West in Las Vegas (June, 2016). He teaches courses on Agile, Agile Product Discovery, Test-Driven Design, and Agile Coaching.

He coaches, teaches, and writes for Dojo and Co.

Most importantly, Dion provides education and coaching to help you improve your software discovery and delivery process, by helping you select and learn the practices that are going to get you the outcomes you want. Through courses, coaching, and individual mentorship, Dion is dedicated to helping you streamline your process and improve the quality of your products, no matter where you are in the adoption of agile and lean practices right now.

Dion lives in north-central Pennsylvania. He loves music and in his younger years attended residential guitar seminars with Robert Fripp. His coaching style is influenced by his study of zen philosophy and tai chi.